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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the secure cloud services platform helps businesses scale and grow by building sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability..


Why Hostzop is most trusted AWS managed service provider?

Get the right mix of automation and administration.

Industry leading NodeFirst support

Hostzop technically apt support team will be available, accountable and answerable and will take pro-active actions to maintain your cloud and rectify the issues..

Security with smart governance

Get complete IT portfolio management, including public, private, hybrid clouds and virtualized environments, ensuring proper user access, compliance and security of your data.

Check real-time consumption

Use your Hostzop customer panel to check the real-time consumption of Azure resources, manage your Azure CSP subscription, renew services and reach customer support.

Dedicated support

Hostzop provides a dedicated support system with 24x7 availability that provides constant support to you when you need technical help.

Visibility with monitoring & reporting

When your AWS is up and running, Hostzop can also provide reporting of your AWS accounts as per your customization - user wise, application wise, venture wise and more.

Exciting features of AWS management by Hostzop

Experience the next gen cloud hosting.

  • One place management of all AWS accounts, environment wise, like production, development etc..
  • AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config for complete auditing and tracking.
  • Unique user names and corresponding activity logging ensures accountability and fulfills compliance needs.
  • Complete security of AWS root account and MFA credentials.
  • One identity throughout - Hostzop, AWS accounts and EC2 instances.
  • Easy role based access and monitoring across all AWS accounts, for securing data.
  • With AWS Trust Relationships and Security Token Service (STS), Hostzop manages an organization's systems without administrative credentials. Thus, an organization retains complete control over their data and infrastructure along with controlling assignment of user privileges and permission control.
  • Two factor authentication for our employees for accessing AWS accounts, ensuring better security.
  • Automated logins with no disclosure of personnel keys to ensure that login process is completely secured.
  • AWS Console federation for smooth identity and access management.
  • Pre-configured AWS IAM for security.
  • Cloud analytics - intelligence for tracking and management in all AWS environments across different regions.
  • Tracking of usage trends and intelligent billing cycle calculations- hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and so on.
  • Complete visibility across all Cloud activity to optimize resource usage and plan better for the future.
  • Resource usage analysis, including the ability of tracking reserved instances so that timely renewal actions can be taken.
  • Real time notifications and email alerts for timely action on the user's end.
  • Granular visibility into S3 storage - usage pattern and bucket visualization.
  • Management of your software licenses.
  • Procurement, deployment and management of computing, database resources and networking equipment.
  • Complete visibility across all Cloud activity to optimize resource usage and plan better for the future.
  • Procurement of colocation services.
  • Management of vendor SLAs.
  • High performance database as a service and off-site backup services.
  • Refreshment of hardware and automatic software updates.
  • Monitoring, support and management 365 days of the year.
  • Complete management including configuration, patching, upgradation etc.
  • Supports Amazon Linux 2015.03+, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 LTS CentOS 6/7.
  • Apps like NGINX and Apache included.
  • Automated and robust SSH key management for all EC2 instances for secure EC2 access.
  • Secure network permissions and on-demand provisioning of bastion server for safe VPS access.
  • One request process for access.
server room

Our Server Best Features

High performance guarantee

Hostzop dedicated servers are designed special customization and high performance requirements.


SSL Secure Server for better security of your website and are future-proof, easily scalable for your infrastructure with your performance requirements.

KVM SSH root access

Easily disable SSH access for the root account on a Cloud Server running and access your server through the KVM Console when locked.

Powerful servers

Hostzop have built reliable and top performance servers and they are perfect for web applications and database hosting, game servers, audio and video streaming, and much more.


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