At Hostzop, you get to be the pioneers in contributing to this culture since we are a proactive startup that contributes in enforcing a great startup ecosystem in India. Hostzop has a system of personal accountability where every person is responsible for his own set of result areas and position. This spirals a faster personal and professional growth along with the fun of owning projects.

The Startup culture

Yeap, we do have the sticky notes spread all over the office. There are favourite quotes, the cracking of jokes over lunch, the Day Captainship, the tug-of-war at Asana app, the endless debates and suggestions on ‘Be a Rankbanker’ black tees; or the dose of Data gossip over tea. You get the opportunity to witness the sweat and tears, the grills and the drills, the hits and misses all in a day’s work. In short, you get to contribute into a brimming work culture. You get to see your own personality reflect in the ambience when you enter Hostzop.

Thought Leadership

Hostzop team is helping India build a strong IT infrastructure. We have a culture of what is famously termed as “Thought Leadership”. This means each employee gets to be a thought leader in his/her own domain. We groom the employees to go use their current roles – be it in sales, or research or content – to influence, shape and impact their counterparts in their own respective professional circles.


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