If you are starting a new webpage or an application or a blog, you will have to make many decisions. One of the first and main decisions you will be making is what type of server you must opt for. If your site is a high-traffic website, you must opt for dedicated servers.
Servers that are entirely dedicated to an individual organization or application are known as dedicated servers. In simple words, unlike a shared server, a server dedicated entirely to your web page and its needs is a dedicated server. It is hosted and managed by a hosting or cloud or a managed service provider.

Dedicated servers are mostly for a specific game or a specific system or a specific region that people playing that specific game connect to. It is also being used for data storage, and backup services and to host “large” high-traffic websites and applications where performance is paramount.
Small websites can be served by shared servers. Whereas a big site with a high viewer count could face difficulties against the memory, speed, and bandwidth restrictions in the shared arrangement. In a dedicated server, the user or customer can have all the control of the server.
In addition, you can run multiple servers and applications at hyperfast speed and high security.

A company that manages a large amount of data and has hundreds of e-commerce transactions every hour with 500 and more employees needs a dedicated server. Information technology businesses that need to run resource-intensive web applications like digital animation, content management systems, API- driven applications need a dedicated server.


  1. Dedicated servers are fast and secure.
    2. As no other applications are sharing your space, your server will not slow down.
    3. Dedicated servers lessen the risks of virus attacks.
    4. It has a positive impact on page loading time.
    5. Even during peak hours, it ensures your app or site runs fast and smoothly.
    6. Even during fires or power outages, you are unlikely to suffer downtime.
    7. By using a dedicated server you get a static and unique IP address.
    8. The main benefit of the dedicated server is that you have complete control over your server.

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